Weight Management

Natalie Cote

Maintaining a healthy weight means something different to everyone. Whether it’s for disease management, disease prevention, reducing aches and pains or for general health and wellness, each reason is just as important and may come with its own challenges. Ensuring our body gets all the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs is key to being successful at maintaining a healthy weight. Sometimes it is not all about calories vs calories out that results in weight loss. If your body is not getting proper nutrition to support essential functions, then you may not achieve the results you’re aiming for. I recommend incorporating the following supplements into your daily routine to help you achieve your health and wellness goals;

  • A high quality multi-vitamin
  • Magnesium – specifically magnesium glycinate or taurate for enhanced absorption
  • A probiotic- look for one containing Bifidobacterium longum
  • An Omega-3


In addition to all of the above, PerforMIX Specialty Pharmacy carries a variety of supplements that are specifically designed to help aid in weight loss. Mango-Plex, DIM-Plex and Carb-Down are available now at the pharmacy and may help you achieve your weight-loss goals. 


Remember, quality is key! Here at PerforMIX, we carry high quality supplements that cannot be found in your local vitamin shops. Quality is so important because it ensures what’s on the label is in your product and also that the product is free from impurities and contaminates.

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